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By popular demand, we've developed a dedicated Door Stile Press, for laminating veneered door stiles and rails, engineered flooring, etc.

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QUICK Laminating Pod Press for Door Stiles, 1' wide, 10' long, end-and-side-loading, with (10) individual 12" x 12" platens,, totaling 12" x 120":

This Pod Press can produce a maximum 81 psi platen pressure at 90 psi supply air pressure, when pressing 12" wide material, making it suitable for both lighter-duty (for example, high-pressure laminates to composite substrates) and heavier-duty (for example, wood veneering) applications. It has a fixed vertical daylight opening of 40" . Vertical structural frame members and hinged containment fences arrangement allows for both end-loading and side-loading of material into the press. Horizontally-adjustable vertical containment fences keep the laminated material from sliding while under pressure. The (10) 10"" maximum diameter air pods have 5" stroke.

Each air pod has its own hand-operated air valve, so each air pod (and therefore each platen) can be activated individually. There is also a main air valve, which controls all "activated" air pods at once. Therefore, any number of air pods can be controlled together, or each air pod can be controlled separately, as desired.

Price for 10' long Door Stile Press: $18,850.00 f.o.b. Los Angeles, CA

Price for 12' long Door Stile Press: $22,350.00 f.o.b. Los Angeles, CA

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Spec Sheet

To download a PDF version of our 1' x 10' Door Stile spec sheet (1 mb), please click on the image to the left. (Or, e-mail your mailing address to us, and we’ll mail a spec sheet to you.)

You will need Adobe PDF Reader version 4 or newer to open this file. You can download the Adobe PDF Reader for free by clicking on the button below.

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installation/operation manual

To download a PDF version of a QUICK Clamp Rack Installation/Operation manual, please visit our Manuals page by clicking on the image to the left.

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