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The QUICK Clamp Rack

The QUICK Clamp Rack is our most compact and affordable gluing machine.

The Clamp Rack’s moderate cost, ultra high-quality clamps, super-strong frame and efficient use of floor space make it the ideal gluing station for the small to mid-sized cabinet shop, furniture manufacturer or millwork producer.

To view high-resolution photographs of an 8' wide QUICK Clamp Rack, please click on the images to the left.

To view high-resolution photographs of a 12' wide QUICK Clamp Rack, please click on the image to the left. (Note: You will be taken to a directory of raw JPG files; please click on the file names to view the photos.)

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Innovative Design

The QUICK Clamp Rack features a cleanly-designed, exceptionally strong frame, with massive 4" x 4" structural tubing cross beams and feet, and 4" x 6" structural tubing legs.

The innovative “two-sided” frame design allows for either one-sided or two-sided operation, at the shop owner’s discretion. The one-sided configuration allows for placement of the frame tightly against a wall, for maximum compactness. The two-sided configuration doubles the amount of easily-accessible clamping area, for industry-leading “room to work.” The Rack is configured by choosing either of the two available foot mounting positions.

Clamps hang at an ergonomically ideal and floor-space-saving 45-degree angle, and are easily lifted out of the frame and moved from row to row as needed. The frame has six rows (three on each side), and clamps can be installed on all six rows. However, for optimum working room, we recommend leaving a one-row space between the working rows.


Super Heavy-Duty Clamps

QUICK clamps are, by a considerable margin, the heaviest-duty and highest-quality clamps available to the woodworking industry. Each clamp weighs 30 pounds, and features full box-frame construction, zinc plating to minimize corrosion, 3.5" high jaws, quick-adjusting rear jaws, and long, smooth, easy-on-the-hands handles. Standard clamps are 32" opening, with 40" opening clamps also popular; other sizes are also available.

three frame widths

Three Frame Widths to Choose From

The QUICK 8' wide Clamp Rack with 16 32" opening clamps is our most popular package. We also offer a 12' wide Rack with 24 clamps. Additional clamps are readily available and can be added at any time.

For current pricing, please download the Spec Sheet below.

For extra-long-length gluing, two or more Racks can be placed side-by-side.

QUICK Clamp Racks are knocked down and carefully packed on wooden pallets for safe, efficient shipping. The photograph to the left shows two 8' Clamp Racks packed, stacked and ready to go. (Click on the photo for a larger image.)

The shipping dimensions and weight for an 8' Clamp Rack with 16 clamps are: 89" long x 45" wide x 22.5" high, 990 lbs.

Interested in availability? Check and see which Clamp Racks we currently have in stock at our Los Angeles warehouse.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, company checks and wire transfers. We usually ship within 24 hours. Give us a call!

Questions? Be sure to visit our Clamp Racks Frequently Asked Questions page.


To view a movie of an 8' Clamp Rack, filmed at a recent trade show, please click on the image to the left.

spec sheet Spec Sheet

To download a PDF version of our Clamp Rack spec sheet (1 mb), please click on the image to the left. (Or, e-mail your mailing address to us, and we’ll mail a spec sheet to you.)

You will need Adobe PDF Reader version 4 or newer to open this file. You can download the Adobe PDF Reader for free by clicking on the button below.

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installation/operation manual

To download a PDF version of a QUICK Clamp Rack Installation/Operation manual, please visit our Manuals page by clicking on the image to the left.

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