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6-section pneumatic clamp carrier 6-section pneumatic clamp carrier

"From the very outset Quick has offered superior service. Once the machinery was in house Quick has given superior performance. From ease of assembly to ease of use. We are extremely happy about our choice of Quick." —Chuck Smith, Obras Doors, San Juan Pueblo, NM • 8.5' wide, 6-section Pneumatic Clamp Carrier with 40" opening clamps

"My Quick Clamp Carrier is a well made machine. But the thing I like the most is the service. If there is a problem with something Kevin is very good to fix that problem as fast as possible."—Don Weeks, Weeks Woodworking, Elk Ridge, UT • 8.5' wide, 6-section Pneumatic Clamp Carrier with 6" high, 36" opening clamps

14-section pneumatic clamp carrier
14-section pneumatic clamp carrier

"We bought a new Quick Clamp Carrier in 2002. We use it for gluing up hardwood, and have been using it daily since we bought it. It has proven to be simple to operate. The design is well thought out and the clamp carrier well constructed. It is rugged enough to handle everything we have thrown at it and more. The clamps tighten very quickly, making it more efficient. Based upon our experience with this machine, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it." —Jim Koch, President, Koch & Co., Inc., Seneca, KS • 8.5' wide, 14-section Pneumatic Clamp Carrier with Heavy-Duty frame, 36" opening clamps

"Our Clamp Carrier not only has been working very well for us, but after purchase response has made the overall experience very positive." —Frank Chambers, President, Northstar Woodworks, Inc., Ferndale, WA • 10.5' wide, 14-section Pneumatic Clamp Carrier with Heavy-Duty frame, 36" opening clamps

20-section pneumatic clamp carrier

"Everyone loves your clamp carrier!!!" And, "The semi-auto cycling is great. Very heavy-duty machine." —Eric Bello, Bello's Millwork, Inc., Wahiawa, HI • 16.5' wide, 20-section Pneumatic Clamp Carrier with (2) Pneumatic Clamp Tighteners and (2) Pneumatic Panel Flatteners (customer's machine shown at left)

roller coater glue spreader

roller coater glue spreader

"I have nothing but good things to say about our 17" top & bottom glue machine. It's over a year old and runs 9 hrs. a day. We have not had a bit of trouble with it." —Ron Peterson, Manager, Huetter Mill & Cabinet, Murray, UT • 17" wide, 2-sided Roller Coater Glue Spreader with Variable Speed Control

"Increases production by 40%. One of the best investments we've made to cut labor costs." —Fidel Benavides, J, Zac Inc., Trenton, TX • 48" wide, 2-sided Roller Coater Glue Spreader

"Glue spreader was received on 8/5/03 and 1st project ran through flawlessly yesterday. Feel free to use us as your Northeast contact on this equipment." —Michael Prudhomme, European Custom Casework, Inc., North Smithfield, RI • 54" wide, 2-sided Roller Coater Glue Spreader

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